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Jewellery symbolises the most beautiful moments in our lives. When a special piece is handed down it carries far greater value than its monetary worth.

By their nature heirlooms are made for someone else, so fit or style may not perfectly suit the grateful recipient. Often this can lead to beautiful pieces with huge emotional value being "kept safe" in dusty Jewellery boxes.

Most heirlooms are badly in need of restoration. Many are significantly worn and risk breaking; others just need a good clean to restore their former sparkle.

As a family run business the Diamond Centre Of Wales appreciates the significance heirlooms hold. Our in-house Goldsmiths ensure the treasured pieces are restored with sensitivity, care and expertise.

Our state of the art CAD technology also enables our designers to remake heirlooms to their former glory using all the original materials or into a new contemporary style that remains true to the spirit of the person who passed it on.

Please give us a call for a friendly chat to see if your heirloom needs restoration work or for some ideas on redesign options.