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Our Story

At The Diamond Centre of Wales, we believe every woman should have at least one dream come true. We believe every woman should have a piece of jewellery as unique to her as her fingerprint. A diamond is the most visually stunning gem on earth, yet its true beauty is only really brought to life when it's worn by a deserving woman.

It's not easy describing your dream piece of jewellery, but our 30-year commitment to nurturing local talent means that our team of experts understand your feelings and dreams as well as the gemstones and precious metals they work with. This commitment to sensitivity, creativity and craft has been vital in our success in translating the visions and emotions of thousands of local women into bespoke jewellery allowing them to cherish that special moment forever.

Led by husband and wife Kelvin and Sharon James, our highly qualified team of experts include daughters Siantal and Kara, local designers Simon Evans and Kate Wren, and the entire team of goldsmiths including our apprentice, Luke. Creativity is a part of our family culture and we nurture our team to be the very best they can be. With room to grow as individuals, as craftspeople and as artists, they can use the whole world as their inspiration, facing each new challenge with fresh eyes.

Our obsession with diamonds is second only to that moment of pure joy when we present the customer with that dream piece of jewellery. With a budget from just a few hundred pounds, everyone can enjoy the same experience at the Diamond Centre Of Wales.

Your extraordinary piece of bespoke jewellery requires one special ingredient
just your dream