Ethical Sourcing

Diamond Centre Wales Supports the Kimberly Process.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are sometimes known as blood diamonds and we feel it is vitally important to inform our trade and private customers about the issues and that any diamond purchased from Diamond Centre Wales is conflict free.

Areas like Sierra Leone, Angola and the Congo have unprotected diamond riverbeds scattered throughout their vast countries; Liberian soldiers and local rebel teenagers, powered by drugs and armed with AK-47's turn the local population into slaves who dig for diamonds, the sale of the diamonds buys more drugs, more arms and hence enslaves more innocent people including women an and children.

The Kimberley Process was created in 2000, and is recognized in the diamond industry as the spearhead effort to stop the multi-billion dollar trade in gems which have been mined in war zones. Around 10 years ago conflict diamonds accounted for around 4 percent of the world diamond supply. Today due to the success of the Kimberly Process, this is more like 0.2 per cent.

We would like to assure our customers that all of our diamonds are conflict free. We purchase all our diamonds from legitimate sources in compliance with United Nations Resolution and we support the Kimberly Process 100 per cent. More information is available on