DCW Award Win

Diamond Centre Wales were invited to enter the highly prestigious Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Awards and guess what? We've won not one, but two awards!

With a history extending back almost a hundred years, the Goldsmiths Awards are regarded by many in the industry as the Oscars of the jewellery world, so you can imagine how delighted and humbled we are to have won two of these esteemed awards.

Silver Winners Jewellery Design for Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing

The brief for our first Award win was to design and present a simple and efficient small collection of complimentary jewellery to be specifically produced by Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing (also known as Selective Laser Melting or Additive Manufacturing), embracing and utilising the unique design capabilities offered by this technology.

This bleeding-edge technology enables intricate jewellery designs to be manufactured, which are not possible through traditional techniques.

One criterion of the Award required a high degree of complexity and elaborateness within the designs that could only be manufactured using the advanced technique of Additive Manufacturing.

This Award was of particular interest to us and specifically the R&D and Design Team, who are working to integrate this technology into the designs we are able to offer to our customers.

The Collection named "Isla Cocos is an innovative collection inspired by Oceanic themes of the Cephalopods’ internal mantle & sweeping tentacles, the Self-supporting organic structures of Coral, the Chitinous Carapace of Crustaceans, the rotational symmetry of the Echinoderm’s Crown of Thorns, and the Conch’s Pink Nacre Salt Water Pearls, one of nature’s original biological additive manufacturers.

The designs incorporated articulation, hollow forms, entrapped components in other materials or metals.

Discover the Award Winning Collection.

Silver Winners in the category of Conceptual Jewellery

The brief for the second Award was a creative challenge, tailor-made for our Design heroes.

It invited us to design a piece of jewellery or body adornment for a fictional character of our choosing, or our own invention.

The goal was to defy the limits of what is creatively and physically possible and to design as if for a game, movie, illustration or virtual reality (VR).

The team created a ring for a mythical demigod called Mantis, who is the divine offspring of the Moon and Ocean.

The design is a symbiotic Biological two-finger adornment that Mantis uses to slide between the deep parallel ocean worlds.

The intention would be to use ethically sourced Saltwater cultured Pearls in the design.

Discover more about the Award Winning Design here.

Having won the Award, the Collection will now be manufactured by Cooksonsgold, so keep an eye out as we’ll display the final pieces very soon.

If you are interested in making your jewellery dreams a reality then contact our multi-award winning team for an initial, no-obligation appointment.

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I was lucky enough to work with Siantel James on identifying, developing, & implementing Additive manufacture ideology into these ground-breaking designs. Siantel is one of my favourite designers to work with, she has an extraordinary eye for design details, and a true artist. I’m excited to see how we’ll work together in the future, and what extraordinary pieces we’ll conceive and create, utilising this exciting design methodology. This is only the beginning. —
Simon Evans Senior Manager