April 24 Dress Collection

Eclipse of Elegance: The Noir Diamond Collection by Diamond Centre Wales

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of contrast with Diamond Centre Wales' Noir Diamond Collection, a symphony of light and shadow meticulously crafted for the most sophisticated soirée. 

Indulge in the exclusivity of each piece in our limited 4-piece Cocktail Dress Jewellery set. This collection marries the mysterious beauty of Black Diamonds with the pure radiance of White Diamonds, all set against the cool sheen of 18ct White Gold. 

It's where night meets day, creating an eclipse of elegance that captivates and enchants.


Midnight Brilliance Earrings: Let the night sky inspire your look with our 18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings. Each piece features a captivating Black Diamond, orbited by a constellation of White Diamonds, embodying the celestial dance between darkness and light.


Cocktail Ring of Contrast: Command attention with our Cocktail Ring, where a bold Black Diamond takes centre stage, encircled by the sparkling brilliance of White Diamonds. This statement piece is a testament to the power and beauty of contrast, perfect for adding a touch of drama to any ensemble.


Nocturnal Harmony Bracelet: Wrap your wrist in the elegance of the night with our bracelet, showcasing a striking Black Diamond flanked by an array of White Diamonds. Crafted for fluidity and grace, this piece mirrors the harmonious balance between night and day, offering a versatile accent to both evening and daytime attire.


Pendant of Twilight: Complete your collection with the Pendant of Twilight, featuring a Black Diamond illuminated by surrounding White Diamonds. Suspended elegantly from an 18ct White Gold chain, this pendant is a tribute to the fleeting beauty of twilight, when light and darkness blend seamlessly.


The Noir Diamond Collection is an ode to the timeless elegance of the night and the eternal allure of Diamonds. It's designed for those who carry the night's mystique with them, offering pieces that are as versatile as they are stunning. From gala events to intimate gatherings, the Noir Diamond Collection promises to bring a touch of sophistication and intrigue to any occasion.

Dive into the Eclipse of Elegance and let the Noir Diamond Collection from Diamond Centre Wales guide you through the night's most captivating moments. 

Explore the collection today and find the perfect piece to illuminate your elegance.

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