Valentine's Dress Collection

A Love Story Written in Sapphire

Introducing the 'Eternal Azure Collection' - an exquisite Valentine's Day tribute to the power of true love. 

This collection is designed to celebrate the intensity of love, beautifully reflected in the mesmerising blue, heart-shaped Sapphires.

Each Sapphire in the collection is carefully handpicked for its captivating hue, and then surrounded by a halo of pristine Diamonds that enhance its natural beauty. 

Are you ready to experience a love that is as deep and enduring as the ocean? Then get ready to fall in love with the Eternal Azure Collection.


Find Your Love's True Hue

  • Pendant of Promise: Is your heart promised to a love that's as boundless as the sky? Affirm it with a heart-shaped Blue Sapphire framed in a halo of Diamonds.
  • Earrings of Echo: Do whispers of devotion echo between you and your beloved? Let these dropper earrings with sparkling halos be the embodiment of those tender words.
  • Ring of Resonance: Are you stepping into a bond that resonates with every beat of your heart? Seal it with a ring that radiates commitment as deeply as its central Sapphire.
  • Bracelet of Bonds: Is the connection you share unbreakable, linking you heart to heart? Celebrate it with a bracelet that intertwines sapphire hearts with diamond brilliance.
  • Studs of Steadfastness: Is your love a steadfast beacon? Let these sapphire studs reflect its unwavering light.


Embrace a piece from the Eternal Azure Collection and let the depth of its blue mirror the depth of your own love story.

If you would like to discuss a piece or an idea of your own then please contact us for a no-obligation appointment on 01443 222 375 or email us HERE